Labour hit by second cyber attack in 24 hours

Mainstream media reporting of DDoS attacks on Labour. It turns out that they use Cloudflare (as do I) so the impact was low…:

[…] Dr Duncan Hodges, senior lecturer in cyber operations at Cranfield University, said it was possible to “hire” the capability to mount such attacks for as little as $100, but that did not mean they were insignificant.

“I wouldn’t call this attack sophisticated, but it is certainly co-ordinated and large scale in that it involved multiple attacks,” he said following the first incident.

“We shouldn’t be confident that this is over, we have seen this type of attack used as cover for further activities.

“Any attack on our democratic process or that affects the ability to conduct a fair election, and hence respect the outcome of that democratic process, we should take very seriously.”

Edward Apeh, principal academic in computing at Bournemouth University, said identifying the perpetrators may not be easy.

“Attribution for this problem here right now will be very hard, except if a group comes out and says they are responsible – it’s going to be very hard to attribute the attack to any particular person,” he said.

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