Less than a quarter of Americans use a password manager

I have well-educated but non-techie friends who have told me that saving passwords in a password manager is very risky. These are the same people that reuse passwords because they can “Only remember a few”. Given this kind of behaviour, my advice is to always use multi-factor authentication to mitigate the risk of bad password management…:

[…] The study found that a large percentage of Americans are not taking the necessary precautions to secure their information online. For example, only 42 percent are using separate passwords to access multiple accounts; 17 percent of respondents have between two to five passwords they reuse across accounts; and 4 percent use a single password across all accounts.

Additionally, less than a quarter (23 percent) of respondents use an encrypted password manager which many consider best practice; 30 percent are using high risk strategies such as writing their passwords down in a notebook. If you’re a security leader and your organization is still not using a password manager, find out how to evaluate a password management solution for business purposes.


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