Let’s Encrypt Revokes Over 3 Million of Its Digital Certs

Just one more thing for sysadmins to do today. Your business is probably using these certs somewhere, if only as throwaways in development sites. Use the linked tool to check…:

Let’s Encrypt, a nonprofit that has played a major role in pushing the use of encryption on the Web, today revoked more than 3 million of its digital certificates after discovering a flaw in the manner in which they were issued.

Domain owners with affected Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates who don’t renew them quickly run the risk of their websites becoming inaccessible to users after the certificates have been revoked. This can especially be an issue for domain operators that don’t have a clear idea of where affected certificates might be located in their environment so they can be renewed promptly.

“Given the short turnaround time required to respond to the incident, this may exhaust the capacity of IT teams,” says JD Kilgallin, senior integration engineer at Keyfactor.

Let’s Encrypt has published on online tool that site owners can use to determine if they have an impacted certificate.


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