Lion attack puts spotlight on cyber security

An industry magazine’s view of the recent ransomware attack on a major Australian brewing operation. Looks like they get a tentative thumbs up for the way they handled it…:

Lion announced last week that it was back online after a major cyber attack, highlighting the potential dangers inherent in becoming a more technologically-integrated industry.

The cyber attack on Lion forced brewery production as well as ancillary activities to shut down for nearly three weeks. While Lion may have the resources to stay afloat during this time, smaller brewers, especially those already stretched by COVID restrictions, may struggle.

With automation in brewhouses increasing, as well as general reliance on interconnectivity to run a business, brewers need to be more aware of the dangers of cyber attacks.

Phil Kernick, chief security officer at Melbourne-based cyber security firm CyberCX said that the fact that Lion is a brewer did not make it any more likely to be attacked, as ransomware of this type is committed by criminal groups and targets can range from travel companies to law firms and governments

“It looks like Lion has responded well to the attack and quickly had its systems back up and running,” he said.

Leo Cole at Futurism Technologies, a global IT solutions firm with a Sydney office, agreed.

“From what I have seen reported, Lion’s response has been commendable,” Cole said.

“They engaged a top tier cyber forensic team and they have been transparent in their frequent communication to the public on the issue.”


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