Mal-Innovation on Mobile: A Changing Threat Landscape

Here’s a perception that needs challenging: mobile is ‘safer’ than desktop. The evidence is that it’s not. More forward-thinking organisations have plans to treat all computing devices as one set of assets to be managed (maybe using jamf, Intune…) with consistent security policies. I’d go even further and start by identifying and tracking ALL devices that connect (using Axonius or similar), then check that policy has been applied (Axonius again, gytpol…). How do you manage mobile?…:

If you have a phone, you’re a target. That’s the underlying message of the 3rd Annual Verizon Mobile Security Index, which sheds light on key challenges and industry innovations surrounding mobile security.

Perhaps most notably, almost 40% of organizations surveyed said they had experienced a mobile-related compromise, with 67% of those that suffered a compromise reporting that the impact was major, and 37% noting it was difficult and expensive to remediate.

It’s clear that mobile is the new frontier for attacks and organizations are feeling the effects and taking a hit. While organizations acknowledge mobile security is a concern, they can’t seem to keep pace with attackers, with 45% of companies admitting that their defenses were falling behind attackers’ capabilities.


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