Managing cyber risks in a transformation project

This article makes a good point about starting with the data in any transformation project. I found the closing paragraphs curious as they seem to come from another article on diversity. The psychology of team behaviour is worthy of many books (as an example try ). For good team performance as a basic principle, look for diversity of thought rather than focus on gender, ethnicity, age etc…:

[…] And to reduce risk even further, businesses might consider actively including women in the transformation team. “Women are well known for adding a strategic and competitive advantage to business. And when it comes to cybersecurity, they add another benefit of seeing risk in a different way to men,” she says.

“Being highly attuned to changing patterns, a skill that’s needed for spotting anomalies, correctly identifying threat actors and protecting environments, women are especially useful in cybersecurity. But it’s not that women are better than any other gender, it’s just that when we come together as human beings, we do a better job. Diversity strengthens businesses.”

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