Mark Zuckerberg rejects call from US lawmaker to break up Facebook

Here in the UK Facebook seems to have been abandoned by the under 25s. I can see the anti-trust reasons for pushing for a breakup but I think Facebook itself is in decline…:

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with US President Donald Trump and members of Congress Thursday, as Facebook faces a raft of regulatory and legal issues concerning competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency.

During one-on-one meetings with lawmakers, Zuckerberg reportedly faced calls to break up Facebook, the world’s biggest social network with 2.5 billion users.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley told reporters he met with Zuckerberg and “challenged him to show that Facebook is serious about bias, privacy and competition.”

The senator said he told Zuckerberg to sell WhatsApp and Instagram “to prove you’re serious about protecting data privacy,” adding that Zuckerberg told him “it wasn’t a good idea.”

Is Facebook too big?

Hawley criticized Facebook for moving personal data from properties such as WhatsApp and Instagram to the core Facebook platform.

The messaging service WhatsApp and picture-sharing app Instagram are under Facebook’s umbrella of services, and are among around 70 companies that Facebook has acquired.

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