Meet Your Phone’s Newest STD This Holiday Season: ‘Juice Jacking’ Latest Threat to Your USB …

It’s a right royal pain, but I carry a charger with me at all times. You should too…:

You wouldn’t trust a stranger, so why would you trust a strange outlet? This holiday season, there’s a new digital STD spreading around by USB and a cyber-security threat that steals your personally identifiable information from your devices

It’s the product of a habit by which we have all been guilty of potentially exposing ourselves to—using self-charging USB-charging stations. And it’s one where a legal remedy may not be a viable option—because at the end of the day, who are you going to sue?

Juice Jacking,” is when criminals use public USB-charging stations to steal information of unsuspecting users that are stored on their phones and other electronic devices.

Coined by cyber-security expert, Brian Krebs back in 2011 at DEF CON, “juice jacking” was a proof of concept conducted at the event, whereby users plugged their phones into a free, public-USB charging station and got something more than just a charge—they saw the following message:

You should not trust public kiosks with your smart phone. Information can be retrieved or downloaded without your consent. Luckily for you, this station has taken the ethical route and your data is safe. Enjoy the free charge!


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