Meta Tries to Break the End-to-End Encryption Deadlock | WIRED

It’s seems a long time since I’ve been able to give kudos to Meta. But here you go…

[…] “From a human rights perspective you realize there are tensions, but it isn’t an either-or,” says Gail Kent, Meta’s Messenger global policy director. “That’s something we are hoping that we can show in our product—you don’t need to choose between privacy and safety, you can have both. And we clearly know from speaking to users that users expect us to provide both. On Messenger or Instagram DMs they expect to have a trusted space where they can communicate freely without interactions they don’t want.”

After decades of going in circles on the problem, the debate won’t be resolved by one report. But it doesn’t hurt to have the biggest social media company on the planet pushing and investing to find a solution.

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