Microsoft Just Dealt A New Blow To Zoom With This Bold Security Move

I use both Zoom and Teams. Zoom is far easier to talk a novice user through…:

[…] Jake Moore, cybersecurity specialist at ESET says Microsoft’s move is “clearly a knee jerk reaction” to the amount of scrutiny Zoom and other teleconferencing platforms have been receiving amid the COVID-19 user surge.

Although Moore concedes this “isn’t a bad idea,” he points out that most users favour convenience over privacy or security. “It may take a lot more to make people move across.”

Moore says the functionality of Teams “still seems clunky,” so much so that it can be “difficult for some people to even work out how to schedule a basic call.”

One reason for Zoom’s popularity is its simplicity, so a lot of people may struggle with Teams, agrees security researcher Sean Wright. “To me this is like trying to use a bus to take the family to the shops versus the family car. Both will do the job, but one will be more practical for simple tasks.”


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