Microsoft Windows users warned to critically update their computers or risk ‘WannaCry 2.0’

There’s a dilemma here. The latest update to Windows 10 has some significant problems for VPN users and some other ‘challenges’. Meanwhile, staying on earlier versions (7 is still very popular) is storing up some very dangerous vulnerabilities. My advice is to bite the bullet and upgrade to 10 but allow extra time to deal with the breakages…:

[…] Microsoft says any operating system earlier than Windows 8 is at risk with internet security company AVG warning users to check if their operating system is ‘dangerously out of date’.

Microsoft alerted users to BlueKeep earlier this year, but have warned more than a million computers are still vulnerable.

The vulnerability involves a common Windows protocol, which can allow hackers to remotely takeover a computer without any input from the machine’s owner.

The simplicity of BlueKeep means it can potentially hit thousands of computers.

Microsoft lists BlueKeep as a 9.8 out of 10 in threat severity, prompting its director of security to compare it to WannaCry.


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