MITRE Releases Framework for Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems

I use the ATT&CK framework to drive the construction of cyber deception campaigns and other mitigations against attack. Good to see ICS being covered…:

MITRE released an ATT&CK knowledge base of the tactics and techniques that cyber adversaries use when attacking the industrial control systems at energy transmission and distribution plants, oil refineries, wastewater treatment facilities, transportation systems, and more.

The impacts from these attacks range from disruption to operational productivity to serious harm to human life and the surrounding environment.

ATT&CK for industrial control systems builds on the foundation of the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base.

“Asset owners and defenders want deep knowledge of the tradecraft and technology that adversaries use in affecting industrial control systems to help inform their defenses,” said Otis Alexander, a lead cybersecurity engineer focusing on industrial control systems cybersecurity at MITRE.

“Adversaries may try to interrupt critical service delivery by disrupting industrial processes. They may also try to cause physical damage to equipment. With MITRE ATT&CK for industrial control systems, we can help mitigate the catastrophic failures that affect property or human life.”

Some aspects of the existing ATT&CK knowledge base for enterprise IT systems are applicable to industrial control systems, and in many cases may represent an entry point into those ICS systems for adversaries, the company says.


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