More Privacy, Please – January 2022 | Troutman Pepper – JDSupra

Worth a quick read to bring yourself up to date with the regulatory position…:

[…] Domestically, U.S. regulators stepped up their efforts, signaling their focus on privacy policies (FTC) and security incident notification (federal banking agencies); meanwhile Democratic senators urged the CFPB to take a more proactive stance with consumer reporting agencies. In U.S. litigation, Illinois’ biometric statute (BIPA) continued to take center stage, as did FTC settlements with companies accused of deceptive practices related to privacy. Internationally, facial recognition company Clearview AI took the heat from several countries over its database of billions of images scraped from the internet. Grindr found itself in a similar position, as the Norwegian Data Protection Authority issued a $17m+ fine against it, and a similar complaint was filed in Austria. Apple, too, may soon find itself on the chopping block, as Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection investigated the privacy protections embedded in its new iOS. Finally, the UAE issued its first federal data protection law, effective January 2.


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