More than 100000 wireless security cameras in the UK at risk of being hacked

Using a wireless camera at home, or maybe consumer-level cameras in your business? Read this article from UK consumer organisation Which?.

[…] Working with Paul Marrapese, a US-based security researcher, we have now identified more than 3.5m cameras worldwide that are still at risk. The majority of the cameras are in Asia, but there are more than 700,000 active across Europe, including more than 100,000 in the UK. Due to a flaw with the design of the cameras and the software they use, a hacker could:

  • Access the video stream of your camera to spy on your home
  • Talk to people in your home if the camera has a microphone
  • Steal or change your password
  • Find the exact location of your home
  • Target other devices connected to your home network
  • Add your camera to an online botnet.

Changing the camera’s default password is usually a solid defence against it being compromised.

However, this attack can still be exploited even if the password has been changed. In effect, there’s nothing you can do to protect against the flaw.


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