Mysterious bug is deleting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint files

It might be wise to tell all your users not to empty their bins until they’ve checked that the SharePoint files are where they expect them to be…:

[…] Since Tuesday, BleepingComputer has spoken to numerous Microsoft SharePoint administrators bombarded with client calls about missing files in their SharePoint folders.

When the admins look into the issue, they find the SharePoint folder structure to be intact, but all of the files are missing. Eventually, they find that the files have been deleted and are now located in SharePoint’s cloud recycle bin, or in some cases, a local PC’s Recycle Bin.

BleepingComputer first learned about this issue after James Watt, an IT consultant in Pennsylvania, contacted BleepingComputer after getting inundated with clients’ calls about the problem a day after Microsoft’s outage.

After examining his client’s computers, he found that the SharePoint data had been deleted and was now located only in the various Recycle Bins.

As all of the files show the same deleted time, were previously located in a variety of SharePoint folders, and the folder structure remained intact on SharePoint, a user couldn’t have accidentally deleted the data.

Even stranger, when assisting some of his clients, he was finding that the SharePoint data was moved in some cases to the PC’s local Recycle Bin, as shown below.


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