National Security Legislation Monitor won’t be recommending Encryption Bill repeal

If you’ve been following the Australian encryption debate, you’ll know about TANs, TARs, and TCNs. This article is a ‘where are we’ in terms of applying the law. Worth reading because other jurisdictions are looking at similar measures…:

[…] He also said there is at least some evidence that the law is either effective or capable of being made effective, especially in relation to the powers in schedules 2-5, and for the TARs and TANs in schedule 1.

“The publicly available material does not show that TANs have been used, because requests have been complied with voluntarily, but the use of TARs shows TANs are capable of being effective,” he said.

Renwick said there is no public evidence that the more intrusive TCN, which is for the creation of a new capability, has yet been used.


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