Neurodiversity on the rise among career hackers

My experience is that ASD, ADHD and the other alphabet soup of neurodiverse conditions are well represented in the infosec community. What’s missing is cultural diversity. It’s difficult for a 20-something white male in Wisconsin to understand the thought processes of a 14 year old email Kpop fan in Seoul…:

[…] In the latest edition of its annual Inside the mind of a hacker report, Bugcrowd – which connects ethical hackers to its customers to help them fix vulnerabilities – found that about 13% of career hackers now identify as neurodiverse.

It said many hackers living with neurological conditions can prove extremely adept at bringing depth and dimension to security testing – such as increased memory skills, enhanced perceptiveness, an eye for detail, and an ability to easily understand complex systems.

In particular, noted the report, nearly half of neurodiverse hackers have some form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and can thrive in rapidly changing environments such as security research, where creativity and different models of thinking are highly valued.


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