New California privacy initiative proposed for 2020 ballot

Looking over the Atlantic from GDPR-land it looks like California is evolving towards a similar approach to individuals’ privacy…:

[…] The new initiative hints at conflicts and concerns that have emerged since the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, passed in June 2018. Enforcement of the law is currently the role of the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Becerra said in a letter to lawmakers in August that his office hasn’t been given enough time or resources to lay the groundwork for enforcement. What’s more, lawmakers debated amendments to the law up until the close of the legislative session in September.

Mactaggart, a San Francisco-area real estate developer, first proposed the CCPA as a ballot initiative that was scheduled to go before California voters in the 2018 midterm elections. He formed a group called Californians for Consumer Privacy to promote the initiative. Mactaggart agreed to withdraw the initiative in 2018 after lawmakers proposed a bill with some compromises, which passed.

The Internet Association, a lobbying group for several major tech companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber and Microsoft, said at the time that the law was passed without enough debate. Since then, companies have called on federal lawmakers to pass a privacy law that would apply across the nation.


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