NHS Digital expands cyber security toolkit with new free services for trusts

This looks like a good deal for Accenture but the cynic in me can’t help but think about where the budget will come from for the recommendations that come out of any security review…:

NHS organisations will be offered free cyber security services from NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre through a new agreement with Accenture.

NHS Digital will provide hospital trusts and other NHS care providers with a range of new perimeter security services designed to decrease organisations’ vulnerability to cyber-attacks, including network intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, web content filtering and next-generation firewall.

The services will enable organisations to spot and respond more quickly to emerging security threats and will be offered free of charge to NHS trusts.

The new offering goes live in Winter 19/20, with the contract set to run for five years at an estimated value of £40m, a spokesperson told Digital Health News.


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