No, it wasn’t a virus; it was Chrome that stopped Macs from booting

A reminder, as if we need it, that information security is all about Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA, sometimes IAC…). And the most important of these, for most people, is Availability. I’ve had to disable system integrity prevention (temporarily) to install some ‘interesting’ tools so I can see how this has happened…:

On Monday night, Variety reported that film editors around Los Angeles who had Avid Media Composer software installed were suddenly finding that their Macs were unable to reboot. The publication speculated that malware may have been the cause. On Wednesday, Google disclosed the real cause—a Chrome browser update.

Specifically, it was a new version of Chrome’s Keystone updater that caused so many Macs to stop rebooting, according to this Chrome open bug post. When the update was installed on Macs that had disabled a security feature known as system integrity prevention and met several other conditions, a crucial part of the Mac system file was damaged, a Google employee said in the forum.

“This appears to be an issue with a new version of Google Keystone,” a different Google employee wrote earlier in the thread. “We have halted the rollout and are working on remediation right now.”


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