‘No magic fix’ to ease Desjardins privacy breach concerns, Liberal MP says

It’s quite refreshing to hear a politician recognise that a problem, in this case a privacy breach caused by an insider, is complex and has no easy solution. I wish the British could be more like the Canadians…:

The chair of the House of Commons public safety and national security committee says the committee will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the massive personal data breach at the Desjardins Group — but Liberal MP John McKay concedes there’s “no magic fix.”

Last month, the Quebec-based bank revealed that an employee with “ill-intention” collected information about almost three million people and businesses and shared it with others. Desjardins flagged a suspicious transaction to Laval police in December, but officials said it took several months for them to understand the scope of the scheme.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer issued a statement Monday urging the committee to look into whether issuing new social insurance numbers to those affected would be feasible, and to look at ways to prevent future data breaches.

Committee chair McKay told CBC News Network the committee will meet “in the next week or so.”

 “I don’t know what the solutions are. There will be no magic fix, that I can see, anyway,” he said.


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