Nokia launches cyber-security platform for 5G era

Good to see the core 5G equipment providers beginning to bundle security products in with the infrastructure. How effective this is in the hands of the CSPs remains to be seen…:

Nokia launched NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations, a platform that gives communication service providers (CSPs) a highly automated system to meet the demands of 5G network connectivity and to address the rising cyber-security threat posed by internet-connected devices. The platform replaces more manually-intensive and siloed approaches to cyber-security risks with automation, machine learning, analytics and threat intelligence.

By harnessing such functionalities, NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations expands security teams’ real-time visibility into the network, as well internet-connected devices and the telco cloud, and arms them with the ability to identify and troubleshoot suspicious anomalies at scale with rapid, automated and predictive responses, the company said.

The platform is aimed at the growing market known as SOAR, or security orchestration, automation, and response. Tasked with helping CSPs collect data from multiple sources and respond to security operations quickly, a SOAR platform integrates security products and automates many tasks while allowing human intervention.

The NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations product suite includes the NetGuard Security Management Center, which provides an expansive, real-time view across a network; NetGuard Certificate Lifecycle Manager, which centrally controls the process of verifying, as well as NetGuard Endpoint Security, which stop threats before they become costly data breaches.

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