Nokia Slams Huawei After ‘Potential Backdoors’ Found In 55% Of Its Devices

I like it when security posture is used as a competitive differentiator. forget all that ‘Chinese Government’ stuff. What’s much more important is that Huawei are being called out for shoddy security practises…:

When it comes to the provision of 5G equipment, Nokia and Ericsson are seen as the major beneficiaries of Huawei’s blacklisting by the U.S. government, just as Samsung and Apple should benefit on the smartphone front. Now Nokia has come out and applied further pressure to the underfire Shenzhen manufacturer, warning on the security risks with Huawei’s technology and slamming unfair Chinese business practices of the past.

“It’s fairness returning to the market,” Nokia’s chief technology officer Marcus Weldontold told the BBC. “We were disadvantaged in the past relative to the practices that the Chinese were allowed to have in terms of funding mechanisms.” In addition to alleged links to the Chinese state opening up security concerns, there have long been accusations of state subsidies, soft loans and access to large procurements in the home Chinese market for Huawei and stablemate ZTE.

On the security front, Weldontold referred to analysis suggesting Huawei equipment was far more likely to have vulnerabilities than technology from Nokia or Ericsson. “We read those reports and we think okay, we’re doing a much better job than they are,” Weldon said, describing Huawei’s failings as serious and claiming Nokia’s alternatives to be a safer bet. “Some of it seems to be just sloppiness, honestly, that they haven’t patched things, they haven’t upgraded. But some of it is real obfuscation, where they make it look like they have the secure version when they don’t.”


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