Nork Hydro gives details on initial cyber insurance payout

I’ll bet the risk manager that purchased comprehensive cyber insurance is seen as something of a hero within Norsk Hydro…:

Norsk Hydro, the aluminium and renewable energy firm that suffered an extensive cyberattack in March, has been compensated and here we’ll tell you the initial payout.

In its third quarter results release, the Oslo-headquartered group outlined not only the operational and financial repercussions of the breach but also how much in compensation it has received so far. Earlier this year Norsk Hydro described its AIG-led cyber insurance policy as solid.

Yesterday (October 23) the aluminium supplier reported: “The cyberattack on Hydro on March 19 affected the entire global organization, with extruded solutions having suffered the most significant operational challenges and financial losses.

“The financial impact of the cyberattack is estimated to around NOK550-650 million ($60-71 million) in the first half year with limited financial effects for the third quarter.”

Norsk Hydro reiterated the robustness of the cyber insurance it has in place with major providers.

“Hydro has recognized NOK33 million ($3.6 million) insurance compensation in the third quarter,” it noted. “Further compensation will be recognized when deemed virtually certain.”


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