Nothing like the mafia: cybercriminals are much like the everyday, poorly paid business worker

The image portrayed on TV and by Hollywood is of elite cyber criminals able to bring down whole nations and make millions. The truth is more like the drug trade, most cyber criminals are dirt poor and have a precarious existence. It would be better for all of us, including prospective cybercrime, if media portrayals dispelled the myth…:

New research is questioning the popular notion that cybercriminals can make millions of dollars from the comfort of home — and without much effort.

Our paper, published in the journal Trends in Organised Crime, suggests offenders who illegally sell cybercrime tools to other groups aren’t promised automatic success.

Indeed, the “crimeware-as-a-service” market is a highly competitive one. To succeed, providers have to work hard to attract clients and build up their criminal business.

They must combine their skills and employ business acumen to attract (and profit from) other cybercriminals wanting their “services”. And the tactics they use more closely resemble a business practice playbook than a classic Mafia operation.


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