Out of date security laws leave UK plc at risk during pandemic

Red teaming, Bug bounties, Marcus Hutchins… all theoretically illegal in the UK under the Computer Misuse Act which was drafted after Prince Phillip’s Prestel accept was hacked (and if you remember Prestel then you’re ancient like me). Time for a change…:

[…] CyberUp wants the government to adopt more permissive regimes – such as exist in France and the US, for example – which allow well-intentioned security pros to conduct their work without having to fear prosecution. They added that without this certainty, the UK could lose out by up to 4,000 high-skilled jobs in the next three years.

The group said that the UK’s lockdown had made it clear how reliant the country is on secure digital technology to deliver essential services such as banking, entertainment, food deliveries, healthcare, utilities and so on. It said given the government has committed to investing in the UK’s digital credentials, it naturally flowed that a new cyber crime regime should form part of this commitment.


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