PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition

#PancakesCon is an impromptu, virtual hacker con occurring on Sunday 3/22/2020, from 9AM-6PM Central US Time.

Every talk at PancakesCon should be approximately 40 minutes long, and must have two halves:

1) An introductory talk on a hacking / infosec topic targeted at junior analysts or students in the field.
2) An introductory talk on any one non-IT topic for anyone to learn about the skill or hobby.

The objective is to allow people to learn some new skills (infosec career-wise, and not) while they are trapped in quarantine at home or in isolation. It should inspire them to learn more on their own about both or either topics.


Windows Forensics Basics & Homemade Pickles!

Talks should be PG-13 or below. (Cocktail making is fine, but please don’t swear excessively while making bathtub gin.)

Talks will be livestreamed via GoToWebinar. You may use demos, video, slides, or a combination, as long as it is compatible with the streaming service. We will endeavor to record them all.

CFP closes 3/17 at noon Central time. Yes, Tuesday! Selections will be announced by 3/18 at noon.

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