Pemex Workers Barred From Computers After Unexpected Shutdown

This is a bit strange. Let’s wait until the fog clears to see if anything actually happened…:

[…] A Pemex spokeswoman who asked not to be identified, citing internal policy, said that Pemex systems were operating normally and that an alleged statement from Pemex on Twitter about a cyber attack was fake. The rumor was provoked by a Pemex notice informing staff that the company’s computer security was being strengthened in the face of cyber threats, she said.

In a statement Monday night, the state oil company said it received attempted cyber attacks Nov. 10 that were neutralized quickly and affected less than 5% of personal computing devices. The statement urged the oil community “to avoid rumors that damage the image of the company.”

Pemex’s system was apparently attacked by Ryuk ransomware, malicious software designed to extort money, according to one of the people who spoke to Bloomberg.


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