Play store apps to be scanned for malware

When I saw the headline my first reaction was “Don’t they already do this?” followed swiftly by “Yes, but that hasn’t always kept users safe (look at all those dodgy VPN apps)”. This story is about beefing up the scanning rather than discarding what they do today. The jury is out on wether this reduces the risk from malicious apps…:

Google is beefing up the way it checks if any of the apps uploaded to its Play store are malicious.

All new apps will be scanned by malware-spotting tools from three cyber-security companies as well as Google’s own in-house system.

Google said it needed help because the number of apps being uploaded was too large for it to handle alone.

Nasty Play apps can hit lots of people. Malicious code found in June was in apps downloaded 400 million times.

Security companies Zimperium, Eset and Lookout will work together on what Google has called the App Defense Alliance.


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