Pollies to face phishing tests after Parliament breach

The best time for these kind of education programs is before one is compromised…:

The Department of Parliamentary Services will conduct the simulations as part of a new program to test the cyber security awareness of its more than 4000 parliamentary computing network users.

In a cyber security advisory sent to users today, the department said the initiative was part of a wider drive to “improve cyber security awareness” among its users.

“DPS has implemented a new program that will see simulated cyber-attack emails, known as ‘phishing’ emails, sent to parliamentarians and their staff to test reactions and improve awareness of the dangers of this type of cyber attack,” the advisory states.

While the federal government is unlikely to release even a redacted version of the final report, formation of the program suggests the compromise may have occurred after users were directed there by a rogue email.

Senate President Scott Ryan revealed earlier this month that the malware infection was unknowingly caused by a small number of users after they vised an unnamed website that had been compromised.


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