Popular NFT marketplace Rarible targeted by scammers and malware

Follow the money…:

​Nothing attracts a scammer more than money, and with the NFT craze generating a ton of sales, threat actors are trying to capitalize on it.

A report by cybersecurity and fraud protection company Bolster shows how threat actors use typosquatting domain names that impersonate the popular Rarible.com site but lead them to scams, malware, and other unwanted content.

“Typosquatting domains: Typosquatting domains are lookalike domains targeting a brand. They look very similar to the brand’s legitimate domain and are hard to tell apart.”

“For example, rarible[.]com is the legitimate website of the famous NFT marketplace Rarible. rarbile[.]com is a typosquatting domain targeting Rarible,” explains Bolster in their report.


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