Print Devices: An overlooked network security risk

This is an article which links to download a white paper from HP. One of the things I look for when sniffing around a client network is printers with default admin passwords. It’s amazing what you can do with them…:

Only 30% of IT professionals recognise printers as a high security risk, and yet 59% of organisations have reported a print-related data loss in the past year. The data shows that print devices are significantly overlooked in most IT security strategies, despite clear evidence they are an easy target for cyber criminals.

Just like IoT sensors, today’s modern, intelligent, programmable print devices are routinely connected to the internet and the corporate network—in turn expanding the enterprise cyber attack surface. As an endpoint attached to the network, the print device is a significant security risk.

This whitepaper examines why print devices make easy targets for cyber criminals, and how organisations can better address print device security to manage and help reduce risk.

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