Protect privacy or pay the price of consumer techlash, report warns

Yopu can see this in action in the spats between Google and Apple…:

[…] “Trust is the ultimate currency of the digital economy,” Daugherty said at a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s going to differentiate the winners and losers.”

Daugherty’s comments, which form the basis of Accenture’s newest annual Technology Vision report, are significant in light of the company’s role in the global business community. The consultancy, a goliath with 505,000 employees around the globe and $43 billion in 2019 revenue, advises 91 of the world’s top 100 companies. It has long championed the adoption of technology to propel business performance and ensure shareholder happiness.

It isn’t clear how much companies will be punished if they don’t take Accenture’s advice. Facebook, which profits from personal information used to target ads, continues to thrive despite problems like the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You may not like Amazon and Google prying into your doings, but their services make life a whole lot easier. And plenty of companies are insulated from public scorn because their business isn’t with consumers — though it still affects them. For example, Clearview AI makes facial recognition technology that could end anonymity when you’re out in public.


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