Protecting the digital workplace with an integrated security strategy

It’s rare to see a vendor say “No, don’t buy everything from us”. The point about APIs is also well made. Your dashboard may be ultra impressive, with lots of pew-pew and cutting-edge UX design, but most organisations will be more interested in what your API exposes that can be sucked into their SIEM…:

[…] At this point, you might be thinking that it seems easier to rely on one vendor for all of your security needs, than to worry about integrating multiple solutions. But, the “one throat to choke” strategy has its own tradeoffs – specifically, lack of focus and innovation, because they’re about selling a basket of goods rather than the best of a specific good. And, the goods in the basket are often acquired and not integrated, which defeats the whole purpose of working with a single multi-product vendor.

Security integrations with an open API security strategy enables best-of-breed security, coupled with the desired benefits that come from an integrated infrastructure. It’s the most effective way to reduce the burden on overstretched IT security teams, get more value from your security investments and more adequately manage the risks inherent in both the old and new enterprise IT landscape.


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