Putin’s FSB Hacked Once Again: Russia’s New Cyber Weapon Aimed To Spy on Every Device …

Reminds me of all those old “In Soviet Russia, TV watches you” jokes…:

[…] The successor Russia’s KGB, the FSB, has been penetrated once again by a group of hackers. This particular hacked exposed “a new weapon ordered by the security service,” its target? The IoT, the name of the so-called “Fronton Program,” is to exploit the vulnerabilities of the IoT en masse.

Fronton Program And The Internet of Things

Fronton Program, as it is called, wanted to exploit several IoT devices with the intent of not accessing those certain items but rather, to herd them all together and their surveillance power right into a botnet. This will be used against larger targets, like major U.S. and European infrastructures, internet services, or maybe even the infrastructure within countries of their choosing.

The Internet of Things is a network of gadgets in the real world that require no need for man-intervention for it to work while it collates data in real-time. Whereas one gadget is “dumb,” but when used together with other IoT devices, it tends to collect data that can otherwise seem impossible to.


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