Quest Diagnostics breach exposes personal information of millions of patients

It seems that healthcare breaches are a daily occurrence in the US…:

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Quest Diagnostics is investigating after the American Medical Collection Agency, a billing company Quest contracts with, reported unauthorized use of its systems that has potentially exposed millions to fraud.

Quest reports that the social security numbers, medical information, credit card numbers, and bank account information of 11.9 million people may have been exposed.

Paul Sems, a cyber security expert at TrustedSec — a security company based in Strongsville — said if you are a client of Quest you should check your financials starting with a look at your credit report for any unauthorized activity.

“Most likely because of that breach you will be offered that service by Quest, but you want to make sure your financial information is protected,” Sems said.

And in this case, because medical records were exposed you should take a good look at your insurance statements, specifically your health savings accounts which could be drained by unauthorized use.

“Take a look at your explanation of benefits that you get from your insurance statements and make sure those transactions are actually the transactions you expect,” Sems said.


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