Ransomware: Why the internet’s biggest headache refuses to go away

All the other reasons given in the article pale into insignificance against the simple fact that the risk:reward ratio is very attractive…:


  • Catching ransomware gangs is far too hard

Most police forces struggle with such limited resources that investigating major crime is hard enough. Trying to investigate cyber  crime – never a top priority – is even harder because few officers have the expertise to understand what crime is being committed, let alone understand how to chase the crooks involved. Even if the police do have the resources and the skills to pursue these gangs, there is also reality that many will be hard to trace. And even if police can identify the crooks, they often live in jurisdictions far away that are in little hurry to hand them over to stand trial, in some cases because the line between the ransomware gangs and the state itself are blurred.


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