Rapid7 vs. NetScout: Which Cybersecurity Stock is a Better Buy?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to step outside of the infosec cognoscenti bubble and try to understand how others see us. This is a purely financial analysis of two infosec companies. Note that there’s no attempt to understand which company serves the needs of their clients better. I think that their offerings overlap, but they’re not the same.I wonder which company would have first call of the infosec budget of their enterprise targets?

I’ve had problems in positioning differing components in the cybersecurity mix because I think you need to cover everything from A (asset identification and management) to Z (Zero Trust architectures), taking in threat modelling along the way before you ever get to active defence measures. That doesn’t sit well with the project-based budgeting (buy product x to solve problem y) that most enterprises are stuck with…:

[…] The rising demand for cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyber threats and privacy breaches should benefit both RPD and NTCT. However, we think that its relatively lower valuation and higher profitability make NTCT a better buy here.


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