Reactive security no longer works: Crowdstrike CTO

My business sells and manages technology that looks for non-compliant devices and configurations and raises the alarm when suspicious activity is spotted that ‘traditional’ security doesn’t spot. The Crowdstrike CTO is spot-on with his comments about reactive security measures…:

[…] The interesting thing is that there is no scenario where we walk into one of these organizations and find that they don’t have a Firewall or they don’t have a web security or anything like that. We will walk into organization that has a next-gen Firewall and all sorts of end point security and yet they still get hit.

So, something fundamentally is wrong when you look at those scenarios where these organizations spend a lot of money and yet continue to get hit. and there is lot of reasons for it but I think ultimately I would summarize by saying that the traditional approaches to the security do not work with attacks like ransomware that evolved so quickly.

For example, what we were seeing now with Covid-19 is that a lot of organizations are contacting us because they have remote workers and they are having issues with their VPN Connections and internet bandwidth and some people are getting compromised.


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