Record Levels of Software Bugs Plague Short-Staffed IT Teams in 2020

It’s almost like carrying out a point release upgrade of you major business application every month rather than a simple  patch/test/rollout program. For the production systems my company has responsibility for we’ve definitely seen the frequency of patch release ramp up in the last few months. As an example, firmware update to Dell servers, plus ESXi patches, plus OS patches, plus application patches all in the same day…:

[…] Prior to the pandemic, IT teams were already under tremendous pressure to keep up with patching due to what RBS has dubbed “vulnerability Fujiwara events.” The term “Fujiwara,” according to RBS researchers, describes the confluence of two hurricanes, which they liken to days like Jan. 14, April 14 and July 14 this year, when 13 major vendors, including Microsoft and Oracle, all released patches at the same time. RBS said these three vulnerability Fujiwara events in 2020 put massive stress on security teams.

Meanwhile some major vendors’ regular Patch Tuesday events are starting to create a type of rolling Vulnerability Fujiwara Effect year-round, RBS added, since the number of patches for each of them have ramped up. With December’s Patch Tuesday, for instance, Microsoft’s patch tally totals 1,250 for the year – well beyond 2019’s 840.


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