Remote servicing for security “likely to accelerate during Coronavirus pandemic and beyond”

It’s all very well having your IT security staff working remotely (though you’ve revised your threat models and controls appropriately, yes?) but what about the people that protect the physical security of those under utilised offices?…:

[…] “The introduction of remote solutions to the problems posed by 24-hour security and fire safety provides benefits for both customers and providers,” asserted Brennan. “Remote service providers can provide remote monitoring and control for security systems, in addition to remote diagnostics and remote corrective action, with most of the work involved able to be completed without on-site staff.”

As the world reverts to the ‘new normal’, businesses may try to reduce the number of on-site staff as contingency. There are various value-added services to help customers via remote monitoring centres, for example ‘video guarding’ and visual verification. Technology can also be used to recover CCTV images remotely following an event that requires further investigation.


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