Revealed: How Britain’s profiteering spymasters ignored the country’s biggest threats like …

This article clearly has it’s own axe to grind about former public servants moving into the private sector but it does raise a good point about the scope of the term ‘security’ and the motivations of the security agencies in issues like pandemics and climate change…:

[…] It appears that no intelligence chief has ever made money working on the security threats posed by climate change or health pandemics. None also appears to have ever mentioned these threats while in office or after. Public warnings from intelligence chiefs which highlight the security threat from climate change would be likely to adversely impact the profitability of fossil fuel companies.

Paul Rogers, emeritus professor of peace studies at Bradford University, told Declassified: “The revolving door and its impact in the defence sector are fairly well known but this new investigation of its extent in the intelligence industry is a real eye-opener.” Rogers, who is also an honorary fellow at the UK military’s Joint Services Command and Staff College, added: “It does much to explain why the pandemic and climate change threats have been so widely discounted in the British security services.”


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