Rights groups seek tougher EU rules for WhatsApp, Skype

A simple survey of my friends and family leads me to believe that, whilst all express concern about the amount of data gathered, no-one (except me and other privacy nerds) bothers to amend privacy settings for any website they visit or app they use. They would rather regulation dealt with the privacy issues than rely on user action. Is that your view?…:

[…] According to Reuters, the ePrivacy regulation has run into various hurdles, with EU countries disagreeing on rules for cookies, consent requirements and provisions on detecting and deleting child pornography.

A key point of the reform is that privacy rules will also apply to new players such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype, “ensuring that the services guarantee the same level of confidentiality of communications as traditional telecoms operators,” according to the EC.

Liberties noted that the regulation had aimed to change the cookie wall system, and allow people to automate their privacy choices and communicate them to websites and apps through legally binding browser signals.

“Worryingly, member state governments substantially weakened these improvements” by removing or weakening some clauses that would protect Internet users from tracking and monitoring, whether by cookies or other technological means, or banning tracking or cookie walls from the negotiations, Liberties said.

It noted that this flies in the face of a 2016 Eurobarometer survey that suggested more than seven in ten Internet users were concerned about the data collected.


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