Security pro confessional: The time I almost got hacked

I’ve done some stupid things in the past but generally my scepticism prevents clicking on dodgy links (unless from a fully sandboxed, disposable virtual machine that gets destroyed afterwards). Looks like I’m not alone…:

[…] I travel often, and on occasion I head to states with plenty of toll roads. Back in 2016 I’d recently traveled to Northern Virginia, New Jersey, and New York all within a couple of weeks. I returned home and about a week later I got the email below (not shown):

My mouse moved slowly over the word “here” and my finger just itched to click and figure out just what was going. And as I hovered over I thought — wait, my rentals had EZpass, did the rental car company make a mistake? That’s when I thought — wait, how could the government and rental car companies be so sophisticated that they then emailed my personal email account for a toll I didn’t pay? I don’t think government is that efficient. So yes, in this scenario my skepticism of government efficiency saved me from malware. While not as useful as antivirus technology, it worked this time.


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