Seriously, stop using qwerty as a password–enlist these password strategies instead

There’s some good advice here. One resource I haven’t used before is this one “If your password has been PWNED, make sure to change your password as soon as possible and make it unique for each site. There is a special government service that can help you check:“…

World Password Day is held on the first Thursday each May with the intention to promote more effective password usage. Strategies related to this involve complex passwords, two-factor authentication, and password managers to securely store comprehensive passwords as well as security questions/answers associated with them.

Of course, Password Day should be an everyday occurrence and not an annual event. As a system administrator who has spent way too much of his career resetting lost or forgotten passwords, reducing the stress involved with this process for both users and administrators is a high priority.

I spoke with Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm, an AI-based application security platform, regarding password tips to improve your security hygiene. As a white hat hacker and penetration tester who received bounty awards from Google, Facebook, Honeywell, and others, Novikov has extensive experience in the field.


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