Should security professionals be considered key workers?

Not a bad way into the discussion about the role of security professionals. The role of physical security is often downplayed by the infosec community but this article makes plain why we need to take it very seriously indeed…:

With the news that a variety of security roles are covered under the UK Government’s ‘Key Worker’ definition, Sarb Sembhi highlights just how crucial professionals – both physical and cyber – in the sector are to the protection of people, businesses, and assets – not just in the UK, but on a global scale. Sarb also investigates how the coronavirus is set to impact all aspects of security in the future. 

In short… yes, all security (cyber security and physical security) workers should be considered key workers. One reason is that while health workers are protecting people and dealing with the human aspects of protection, security workers are there to protect the economic and other physical and intangible assets of the nation.


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