‘Smart cities’ are growing faster than IT officials can secure them

Mayor: Give me the shiny stuff, now

CIO: Sure, but I’ll need a gazillion % increase in budget

Mayor: …


[…] “We talk about the bright, shiny objects and all the potential that exists,” Jim Haskins, a business development manager for Cisco’s Smart and Connected Cities division, said at the Smart City Expo Atlanta conference. “Then we talk to the [chief information officer] and [chief technology officer] and it’s like, ‘Are you kidding me? You want me to deal with an exponential growth in the number of devices I manage? How much of a bump did I get in my budget?’”

The surge in the number of devices that cities are embracing — from environmental monitors to traffic cameras to biometric scanners — creates a host of new security concerns at a time when many communities are struggling just to protect their core IT assets from threats like ransomware. And as cities continue to grow faster than other human settlements, local governments are going to have to re-evaluate how they approach cybersecurity, said Jarell Mikell, a senior manager for enterprise IT security at Southern Company, a gas and electric utility.


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