Starling Bank adds Digital Risks and CyberSmart to business marketplace

It’s a generally good thing to introduce management of cyber risk as part of normal business activity so seeing a challenger bank introducing offers like these is welcome. However, as soon as I see ‘GDPR compliant’ I start to question the authenticity of the offer. I’ll say it (yet) again: GDPR is not a series of rules you comply with…:

[…] CyberSmart uses technology to identify digital weaknesses of businesses in less than 60 seconds, recommends fixes and helps companies manage these through a simple online dashboard. CyberSmart will make it quick and easy for Starling customers to achieve their Cyber Essentials Certification, the government backed accreditation that helps guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce company risk by at least 80%. The platform also allows businesses to ensure that they are fully GDPR compliant.


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