Stronger Defenses Force Cybercriminals to Rethink Strategy

Do you have traps in place for criminals using tools like Mimikatz? Have a think about how a criminal gang would gain access to your network and then how they would gather credentials. Then think about how you would identify this activity…:

[…] Financially motivated campaigns aren’t going away. The report describes an uptick in “big game hunting,” in which cybercriminals launch targeted attacks for financial gain using a broad range of tailored malware or commodity crimeware that can be downloaded or purchased from underground forums. Criminals also conduct targeted attacks using legitimate pentesting tools, including Metasploit, Cobalt Strike, PowerShell Empire (PSE), Meterpreter, and Mimikatz.

Both Marshall and Ray point to the rise of disinformation as a threat to watch. In the report, analysts explain how new technologies can drive the spread of false information. Cybercriminals are likely to take advantage of high-profile global events to sway public opinion, and they have more tools to help, researchers say, citing 5G networks and artificial intelligence. New technologies will prove beneficial to businesses, but they may cause more damage when in the hands of an attacker.


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