Students rise up against forced remote spy app usage in colleges, universities

I’ve had first hand experience with my children and these kind of apps. They are deeply suspicious of being spied upon. Maybe I’ve done too good a job of educating about privacy…:

[…] Back in August, ZDNet reported protests organized by Australian National University (ANU) students for the enforced download of Proctorio, a remote monitoring tool, on personal devices.

Proctorio is a “secure remote exam” solution for invigilating exams remotely, including features such as microphone and camera monitoring, as well as eye-tracking to flag any behavior deemed suspicious.

ANU students consider Proctorio an affront to their personal privacy — and one that “crosses the line” as the software was loaded on home PCs, rather than electronics belonging to the university and provided to exam takers.

This form of activism against surveillance and exam monitoring tools — also known as proctoring software — adopted by colleges is taking shape worldwide, and it is one that academic institutions should watch closely.


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